Free Animated Alphabets

Welcome to 3D Animated Alphabets, where you can find a bunch of animated alphabets to choose from.

I've seen a lot of animated alphabets where the letters do spins, flipflops, or other antics. They're cute, but if you use them to spell out something, how do you get them to coordinate with each other to where they both look good, and are easy to read?

The answer is alphabets with animated textures. They look good, catch the eye (please stop throwing them), and are easy to read.

Orange Boil

Cyan Electric

Slippery Pink

Gold Dust

Green Boil

Green Speckle

Red Electric

Windsor Oul Cyan

Windsor Oul Diamond

Windsor Oul Gold

Windsor Oul Green

Windsor Oul Orange

Windsor Oul Pink

Windsor Oul Red

Animated Hearts

Animated hearts come with either animated, or non-animated letters. The ones with animated letters match the animated text on this site.

Each color of animated heart comes in five sizes.

"LINDA" is spelled out using Green Boil animated letters from this site.

Choose the colors and sizes of animated hearts here.

This is an animated version of the background on this page.
These backgrounds, along with hundreds of others, can be
found at