Loose Animated Cartoon
Yes, I'm still on the loose!

Mug Shot I'm a Vietnam veteran who enjoys creating stuff, especially stuff that's different from the norm.

I've written a bit of comedy, including three screenplays, which never sold - DARN!

So I stopped writing comedy and started creating these animations, which I've been working on for several years now.

In search of a measure of sanity, I've lived in Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, Indiana, Louisiana, Kentucky, Texas and Montana. And I've visited most of the other states, along with a few foreign countries.

I came to the conclusion that sanity is relative, and therefore I must be relatively sane (or is that relatively insane?).

Anyway, I've learned to enjoy life, and to enjoy people (so long as they act relatively sane).

And I enjoy knowing that others are benefiting from the stuff I create.

So take your time exploring the thousands of pages of animations and other graphics on my web sites, collecting all you want for free.

Blackboard Cartoon

This is an animated version of the background on this page.
These backgrounds, along with hundreds of others, can be
found at WebPageBlogBackgrounds.com.